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What are the different types of booths?

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Do you want to participate in a trade show? If so, then you will need to have an attractive and original booth. Before designing it, you need to choose your type of booth according to your desires and budget. Here are the different types of booths. 

The custom booth

If you want a custom booth, you will need a bare space. Therefore, you will need to reserve at the show organization level a floor space. You will then call upon an agency or a stand designer who will create the stand according to your wishes. You can contact an efficient agency on https://europexpo.com/. You will then be entitled to a totally customized stand that is different from the others. No need to point out that it will easily stand out from the rest. 

The Equipped Stand

This type of booth is provided directly by the show organizer. It usually covers an area of between 6 and 20 m2. It is a package containing all the elements that you will need for the stand. Furthermore, it is reserved at the time of registration to the show. There are three different packages: eco, premium and deco. The equipped stand allows you to have a pack already ready to be used. You can easily complete the stand as you wish. You can reserve the furniture for your booth on the show platform if it has any. 

The Modular Stand

This is a stand made up of different customized formulas like partitions and furniture… Partitions The partitions have a completely customized dressing and are made up of structural elements. It is therefore easy to dismantle and reassemble. It can thus be used many times. The surface of a modular stand can be up to 60 m2. However, very often it is between 12 and 36 m2. The major advantage of a modular stand is that it offers you an attractive look at an intermediate price. The customization that is possible brings a touch of style. Quick to assemble, a few hours will be enough to prepare your stand.