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All about air medical services

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Medical services are a set of aerial means used to ensure the movement of the sick to and from health facilities and accident sites. They are staffed by personnel who provide a full range of emergency and pre-hospital care to all patients. And this during a medevac or aeromedical rescue operation performed in a helicopter or jet or propeller aircraft.

The benefits of aeromedical services

There are many benefits to be gained from air medical services, starting with the speed of travel, which allows for broader coverage than a ground service. In addition, these services offer a particular advantage against high-level trauma. More details here, Indeed, according to the well-established golden hour theory, people developing the major traumas also need very rapid transport to a specialized trauma facility. That said, helicopter medical personnel are skilled at providing both a high level of care to a trauma patient and very rapid transport to a special center. At the same time, they can prescribe critical care while patients are in the process of being transported from community hospitals to trauma centers.

Indications for air transport

In order to realize the effectiveness of using aeromedical services, you will need to closely monitor the response capability of the staff. This includes their ability to determine on the ground whether the patient's condition requires air medical transport. To do this, training must be developed to ensure that the appropriate draw criteria are actually applied. However, these criteria should not be too stringent, as this could compromise the speed of patient care and transport.