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All about social engineering attacks

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Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see threats to personal and company data. This data is disrupted on communication channels like Facebook and other social networks. What are the different attacks most commonly used in social engineering? To find out more about these attacks, you are invited to read this article and you will be more resorced.

Data poisoning

In almost all companies nowadays, machine learning of data is very common. The koddos blog informs you more about this. Threat actors use the failures of machine learning data. To achieve this, these actors steal a copy of the original data and manipulate it by inserting poisoned data into the legitimately processed data.

The actors of these attacks can track this poisoned data and ask the victims to pay for the restoration of this data. Unfortunately, it is not easy to detect or recover this poisoned data.

Ransomware attacks

Ransomware attacks are on the rise. This attack consists of gaining access to the victim's computer and locking it. Like data poisoning, ransomware attackers ask for money to unlock the victim's computer. The problem is that it is very difficult for the victim to recover the files even after paying several dollars.

So note that ransomware attacks are very dangerous. Attackers can use this attack to cripple the database of an entire organisation, an act that can cost the company millions of dollars.


Also, phishing is very common in the ranks of social engineering attacks. It is the most common form of attack on devices. This attack takes place when a victim visits a malicious site or downloads malware. This form of attack is very successful because of the rate of people using electronic communication media such as social networks and the like. As a result, users of email boxes and social messaging systems are no longer safe.