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Buying a handpan on ZenaDrum: what are the advantages

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If you are an expert or a beginner in the manipulation of the handpan musical instrument, you are at the right address. You will discover in the following article, the advantages you will benefit from buying on ZenaDrum.

Free delivery

This is the main and by far the best benefit you can enjoy with ZenaDrum. By buying your handpan on ZenaDrum, you will have the chance to be delivered without having to pay any money. So your handpan will be delivered to you as soon as possible. Indeed, with ZenaDrum, your handpan purchase will be a special and especially satisfying experience. Once the payment of the order has been made, the delivery service is ready to work to your satisfaction. In addition, special attention is paid to the packaging. Your handpan will not be neglected at all because the packaging will be of high quality and aesthetically pleasing. There is also no risk of any defect on the handpan due to the delivery.

The money back guarantee

This is a benefit that much more than just a benefit is mostly a guarantee for you. It's not always easy to find satisfaction after buying a handpan. Although ZenaDrum makes sure to deliver quality handpans, it has put in place a money back guarantee. This is an offer that allows you to return the handpan if you are not satisfied. It is not a question of returning the handpan for no good reason, but rather for valid reasons. ZenaDrum will take back the handpan on the basis of the relevance of the reasons given. In order to be taken back, the return of the product must remain within a given time frame. On behalf of ZenaDrum, this period is about thirty days, after which no handpan can be returned. Apart from the money-back guarantee, there is also the customer service which is more than just a benefit. This offers customers assistance with all types of problems.