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Getting to know Raphaël Cohen

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Raphaël Cohen, CPO of Waze, is a powerful and famous electronics engineer from Paris. Having become an entrepreneur right after his studies, he has had a wonderful journey that deserves to be known by all. Who is Raphaël Cohen? What is this so motivating path he has known? All the answers are available in this extract. 

Who is Raphaël Cohen?

Raphaël Cohen is the global product manager for Waze. Waze is indeed a company that produces mobile applications to assist people in driving and navigation through a satellite positioning and mapping system. This application is available on Android, Windows phone, Symbian, iOS and Blackberry OS. Find out more about Rapha Cohen From Waze by clicking. Originally from France, Rapha Cohen From Waze grew up in Paris where he obtained his degree in electronic engineering. Since then, he has been working as a specialist in digital signal processing and information theory.  
Regarding his marital status, the famous Raphaël Cohen is married and has four beautiful children. He currently spends his days with his family in the Israeli countryside. He enjoys the palm groves and the vineyards. 

Raphaël Cohen's career path 

Raphael Cohen began his professional career in the field of wireless communication systems. During this period, he was an algorithm designer. After some time, he founded a company that manages algorithm trading. This company was later acquired by a certain financial player.  
After this experience, he went into the supply of 4G equipment by running a company called Product Apartment at DesignArt Network. Once again, the company was taken, this time by Qualcomm. Following this experience, he finally joined the Google team.  He became and still is responsible for the Waze Carpool company.