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How can you know that you are pregnant?

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Women are confronted to this reality which is being pregnant. Here are some signs that will help you to quickly notice that you are pregnant. Discover how to be sure that you will soon be a mother without any test.


It is a symptom that disturb women at the beginning of their pregnancy. Imagine that you are used to taking coffee, or fishes for your dinner. You may dislike the smell that those foods you are used to, offer. They will give you nausea. This symptom is caused by the raise of hormone when you are pregnant. If you feel nausea regularly especially every morning, it can be a sign that you are pregnant. Find out more information on

Absence of menstruation

If you used to have your menstruation regularly, at a specific date, and you notice an absence when the date comes, it is a sign. It is even one of the signs that confirm that you are really pregnant. Actually, the fact that you are pregnant stop menstruation during the period you are pregnant. If you see a brown bleeding instead of red blending, don't worry. It is not an anomaly but a proof that the egg is already in your womb.

Changing in your mood

When you are pregnant, it is obvious that your organism changes. You will notice a changing on your mood. You can be surprised to cry a lot because of a movie or laugh excessively for a little joke. This is due to the high production of hormone in your organism. You will become more sensitive in front of some given situation even if you would not have this reaction if you were not pregnant.
When you feel only one of those symptoms, it is not compulsory a pregnancy. It is the combination of those symptoms that must alert you.