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Parenting Tips: How to improve young children's behaviour

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For young children, life can be frustrating. Although they are eager to be more independent, young children can't always move as quickly as they want or express clearly what they need. They also tend to have problems with boundaries, compromise and deception. 

Share your love

Make sure that demonstrations of affection for your child are more frequent than consequences and punishments. To learn more, hop over to this site for more details. Hugs, kisses and playtime stories are a good way to remind your child that you love them. Compliments and attention can also motivate young children to follow the rules.

Prioritize the rules

Rather than overloading your child with rules ahead of time, which may frustrate him or her, prioritize rules designed to keep your child safe and gradually implement more rules over time. Help your child follow the rules by using safe methods at home for young children and by removing some of the temptations.

Preventing tantrums

It's normal for young children to have tantrums. To reduce the frequency, duration or intensity of your child's tantrums: Know your child's limits: Your child may misbehave if he or she doesn't understand or can't do what you ask.

- Explain how to follow the rules: Instead of saying, "Stop hitting," offer suggestions on how to play gently, such as "How about taking turns?"

- Be lenient with their negative responses: Don't overreact when your toddler says no. Instead, calmly repeat the request. You can also try to distract your child or make up a game that requires good behavior. Your child is more likely to do what you want if you make the activity fun.

- Think carefully before you act: If you say no to everything, your child is likely to get frustrated. Find times when you can say yes.

In short, these tips will certainly help you improve your children's behavior!