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What are the wonderful places to visit in Isla de Mujeres?

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This wonderful island, located just a few kilometers from the Yucatan Peninsula in the Caribbean Sea, offers many possibilities to those who are looking for adventure, entertainment or simply relaxation. Without further ado, in this travel guide to Isla mujeres (the island of women), you will find some special places for your sightseeing.

The MUSA Aquatic Museum

Isla Mujeres, translates to the Island of Women; a tourist mecca in the state of Quintana Roo, but also a legendary Mayan site. On the other hand, it is possible to visit the island with day trips, but my advice is to visit visitax.eu so as not to be surprised by the regulations in force in this locality. Indeed, the MUSA aquatic museum is one of the best sites of isla mujeres. To visit it is probably to experience a wonderful experience. It is a place with more than 400 statues submerged under the sea, which harbor life that helps preserve the coral. You can visit them with different tours through the island and it is certainly an ideal experience for art lovers. As such, it is a visit not to be missed. By visiting this museum, you have the opportunity to dive into the Caribbean waters without even worrying about disturbing the aquatic ecosystem.

The turtle farm

Mexico is exactly that, good humor, exceptional tables, excellent elixirs and music as well as singing, the most beautiful image of Mexicans. In this regard, the Tortugranja is an area financed by the Mexican government that is dedicated to the care of the eggs of the turtles that come to lay on the beaches of Isla mujeres. Inside the farm, there is an aquarium where turtles of different species are kept. The turtles are divided according to their age, so you can see them from newborn to one year old. To conclude, Isla Mujeres is the ideal destination for lovers of beautiful beaches, crystal clear sea and relaxation. But what is strictly important not to forget are its magnificent sunsets.