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Why choose a wooden deck ?

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A pleasant place to relax, the deck is a good place to spend moments in the sun in the summer as well as days in the winter when it is less cool. The preference of its terrace depends on certain criteria to be taken into account. Why choose a wood deck ? What are the types of wood for a deck? In this article, discover the criteria for choosing a wood deck.

For ecological harmony

From its simple and warm aspect, the wooden deck offers you an exterior in harmony with nature. From its vegetable origin, the construction of a wooden deck offers you a comfort in the open air at the edge of a swimming pool or in your garden. From a natural property of the tree, wood decking brings warmth and friendliness inside or outside any room. Unlike a traditional deck, wood decorates your deck according to the original color. For a good choice, check my reference .

For ease of maintenance

Whether you are a person who likes frequent maintenance or often busy with work, wood decking is the best choice for your exterior. It is simple and light to lay out, and requires little care. However, depending on the texture of the woods in your deck, you will have a good maintenance schedule. This is to prevent your deck from becoming damaged and grayish. Once a week or once a month would be best. 

The right price/quality ratio

Beyond the expense of a traditional deck, opting for a wood deck allows you to save a lot of money. First of all, the price of the material costs less and there are no additional expenses. The construction of your deck is quicker and less demanding than its traditional counterpart. Reduce the construction budget of your well-equipped deck by up to 50%.
Also, you must take into account the type of wood according to its essence, its resistance and its aesthetic aspect. This can have a significant impact on your budget. Exotic woods are expensive as opposed to simple woods which are also recommended.