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Why choose an anti-ddos service ?

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Distributed denial of service attacks, also known as DDoS, are often of enormous consequence to a company's business. These types of attacks take advantage of the maximum capacity that applies to a network's resources. Here is an article that outlines the reasons why you should adopt an anti-ddos service.

It protects against malicious actors  

A denial of service attack, as the name implies, is a solution that makes a service, an application, a website, a network safe from DDoS attacks. Many techniques are used to ensure   protection against ddos attack of applications. DDoS attacks can temporarily or permanently block a website or an e-commerce platform.  
Indeed, choosing an anti-ddos service ensures protection against malicious actors. It consists in disabling services while taking them completely offline and overwhelming a targeted site or platform with illegitimate traffic.   
Every OVHcloud product is protected against this type of malicious activity. The anti-DDoS system combines edge, backbone and datacenter network logic with the ability to mitigate attacks of up to 1.3 Tbit/s. It also has the potential to protect a wide range of solutions, from personal websites to cloud platforms to game servers.

Protects against all types of attacks  

Anti-DDoS service is guaranteed to reduce any type of DDoS attack while simultaneously limiting legitimate disruptions to network traffic. A DDoS protection system has two basic functions. First, it performs a continuous, real-time analysis of data packets passing over the IP network. Also, when there is an attack, it diverts non-legitimate elements of the incoming traffic, allowing only legitimate traffic to pass.   
DDoS attacks are not an adversity. Therefore, it is important to have the right methods to counter this phenomenon.