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Why visit Germany?

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Germany is a beautiful country that has many tourist sites such as the many castles. So, visiting this country allows you to have new experiences and discover the wonders of the world buried in this region. Discover the reasons why you should visit this country.

Visit Neuschwanstein Castle

Travelling to Germany allows you to visit several beautiful and magnificent places. The first tourist site that you can visit once there is the Neuschwanstein Castle. This tourist site is visited by millions of people during each year. This proves how important it is. It is the most visited castle in Germany.

You have probably already seen pictures of this castle in one of your searches in documents or on the internet. If you are looking for the most beautiful buildings in this country, you will always find it. It is located in a beautiful place with an incredible and attractive landscape. If you want to have a great experience of visiting Germany, do not pass by without visiting this place.


Enjoy the beer festival

Only in this country you will hear about this phenomenon: the beer festival. Germans are known for parties and especially in the company of beer. In fact, the French verb "toast" comes from the German word "trinken" which means to drink. So they are people who drink a lot. Already in May, you can go to this place in Germany and enjoy this festival. Drink with new friends and have a great time.

Visiting other castles

The Neuschwanstein castle is not the only one in Germany, but rather the most visited. There are also other castles that you can visit when you finish with the Neuschwanstein. For example, there is the Hohenschwangau castle that you can visit. Apart from this one, there are also dozens of other castles that you can visit. So, what are you expecting to take your ticket and go to this beautiful country with its various tourist sites.